ELH Challenge 121

To improve your instructional design skills, you need to practice different skills. There are lots of ways you can practice. One way to practice is to develop a strong understanding of the basics. Another way is to deconstruct advanced projects built by other users. And that’s what this week’s memory makeover challenge is all about!

I chose a matching game template created by Richard Hill and changed the design a little, also added my personal touch.

In this game, users have to match the pictures of famous landmarks with their names in 60 seconds. I added a little story concept by adding an imaginary airline into my interaction. When players match the picture with text, a card appears and gives some information about that landmark. They have to finish the game successfully to get on the plane.

I usually use countdown in my quizzes, but this time, I wanted to add something different. There is an airplane which takes off in one minute, which matches the general concept of the interaction very well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here you can see it in action; Matching Game.


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