Storyline Freebies


Here you can find freebies I created with Articulate Storyline 2. Please revisit this page frequently to get the latest freebies and don’t forget; “Sharing is caring!”.

Green Quiz template  was created to test different question types in Storyline.  It is easy to customize and add new context. Enjoy it.


Flat Quiz Game  was prepared for the Articulate Weekly Freebie Challenges. You can create your own gamified quizzes quickly and simply by using it.


  Animated timers Articulate Storyline template
Animated Countdown Timer Quiz is a fast-paced quiz template. I prepared it for the Articulate ELH Challenge 150. There are three different color options. Colors and characters can be changed easily.

Basketball game Articulate Storyline template

Shootout is a multiple choice quiz template which has a basketball theme. Change the questions and create your own gamified quizzes.

Sticky Notes Template – I prepared this template for Articulate E-Learning Challenge 139. It is a simple sticky notes interaction which can be fully editable.

jeopardy template storyline

Guess What? is a Jeopardy like quiz. I designed this vocabulary game for one of my friends who works with children. It was designed to be used in class. However, you can customize it as you wish.

Figure It Out is a fun Text Entry template. I used it for a vocabulary game. You can customize it for different kind of interactions.

Wheel of Questions is an audio vocabulary quiz. It has only six questions but you can increase the number of the questions by adding some levels. It will increase its gamification level.

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