Multiple Choice Quiz Makeovers -ELH Challenge 159

This week’s challenge is to share an example showing how we use multiple choice quizzes in e-learning.
Because they are easy to create for me and easy to use for learners, I use multiple choice quizzes very often. Yet they can be dull if there is nothing to do for learners but clicking on the screen.
I almost always try to add some elements to personalize the quiz, such as names, avatars, and also game mechanics, like building a story around it, leaderboards or giving a different purpose for finding the correct answer, make quizzes more engaging.
I have used all before, so it was time to try something different, and decided to give a second chance to Storyline sliders for a quiz. (First one wasn’t that successful!)
I found my inspiration for the colors and layout first. Although it was going to be a one question quiz demo, asking a real question seemed more reasonable and fun than using lorem ipsum text.
While creating my quiz question, I used some false facts that I found on different webpages. Creating more colorful interactions with a lot of items on the screen used to seem better but I have learned that they don’t always make the interaction more engaging. On the contrary, extra images and colors can be distractive. So, I have been trying to apply flat design principles more efficiently lately and this one is a good example for flat quiz design.
Here you can see it in action;
Multiple Choice Quiz Makeovers in E-Learning #159
Click to see it in action

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